Our Services Include

  • Environmental Engineering

    We offer a broad range of mining, environmental and permitting services. Our company has experience in all areas of mining related projects and has worked in the Appalachian and Illinois Basin.
  • Mitigation

    Decota can perform mitigation site evaluations, mitigation proposals and provide mitigation banking assistance. We have extensive experience designing and implementing mitigation projects.
  • Monitoring

    Water quality monitoring and biological monitoring is an effective way to determine the health of a water resource by identifying the presence or absence of environmental stressors on the local aquatic habitat.
  • Natural Channel Design

    By evaluating the dimension, pattern and profile data of a stable, natural stream and then incorporating that information into a design for an impaired stream, a naturally stable stream can be constructed.
  • Technology

    Our company offers numerous technology solutions including Geographic Information Systems, iPhone and iPad application development, web services, web development and database design.
  • Wetland Investigation

    Our staff includes a Certified Wetland Delineator with over 20 years of experience in wetland investigation, delineation, mitigation site selection, wetland design and construction management.