Decota Consulting Company, Inc. offers many technology based services ranging from development to implementation. Our staff has extensive experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), relational databases, numerous programming languages, and modern web frameworks. We are uniquely positioned to help your organization implement modern solutions to complex problems.

Geographic Information Systems

A Geographic Information System (GIS) can be used to visualize, question, analyze, interpret and understand data in ways that reveal relationships or trends in the form of maps, reports or charts. GIS can help your organization answer questions and solve problems quickly. Our staff has over 15 years of experience implementing GIS solutions. Our company is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of the mining and environmental industries and how GIS can be integrated into existing technologies such as AutoCAD to assist the decision making process.

Relational Databases and NoSQL

Decota has experience with both relational and non-relation database systems. Our staff is experienced with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, and Cassandra. We can leverage the correct data management tools for a particular task and design a robust solution for your organization.