Decota Consulting Company, Inc. can assist your organization with mitigation site selection, mitigation proposals, mitigation banking assistance, natural channel design, wetland delineation, and wetland design. Our staff has extensive experience designing and implementing mitigation projects.

Impacts on Natural Resources

When an entity proposes a project that involves impacts to a potential natural resource, mitigation is often required to lessen those impacts. The most frequent impacts which require mitigation are impacts to streams and wetlands. However, additional impacts which could require mitigation include air quality or endangered species habitat. Currently in West Virginia, the preferred methods of mitigation are mitigation banking, in-lieu fee payment, and permittee responsible mitigation.

Functional Assessment

Measurement of impacts and baseline conditions are important when assessing a project. Stream and wetland impacts have traditionally been measured on a foot or acre basis. Today it is common for impacts to also be evaluated based upon function. With an appropriate evaluation impacts to function can be accurately calculated. This functional assessment will ensure the mitigation proposed will adequately compensate for the function lost and additionally provide increased credit for functional lift.