Habitat Assessment for the iPhone and iPod Touch

An evaluation of habitat quality is critical to any assessment of ecological integrity and should be performed at each site at the time of the biological sampling. In general, habitat and biological diversity in rivers are closely linked. A habitat quality evaluation can be accomplished by characterizing selected physicochemical parameters in conjunction with a systematic assessment of physical structure. Through this approach, key features can be rated or scored to provide a useful assessment of habitat quality.

Based on the EPA Rapid Bioassessment Protocol

The forms exported from the HAV app are based on the samples provided by the Environmental Protection Agency Rapid Bioassessment Protocols For Use in Streams and Wadeable Rivers: Periphyton, Benthic Macroinvertabrates, and Fish - Second Edition.   All questions, instructions, and scoring parameters within the app are taken directly from the Rapid Bioassessment Protocols samples.