About our Company

Decota Consulting Company, Inc. is a full service consulting firm dedicated to servicing the unique needs and challenges of the mining and environmental industries. We have provided our clients state of the art solutions since 1996. Our company takes pride in utilizing our experience, integrity and quality of work in every project.

Decota Consulting Company, Inc. consists of a team with over 100 years of combined mining experience. Our staff has expert knowledge of geotechnical engineering, hydrology, geochemistry, biology, geographic information systems, and their application in the real world. We utilize leading software for mine design, hydrologic analysis, geographic information systems and data management to produce a quality product in a timely manner. The success of our organization depends on proper planning, knowledge of resources, how to manage those resources and an ongoing comprehensive cycle of communication between our staff and our clients.

As consultants, we provide the knowledge and technical support to help your organization achieve its goals more efficiently. We will stand as a professional liaison between our clients and various federal, state or local regulatory agencies.